A Rare Day of Photography

I haven’t been able to shoot much  lately and decided to head out with the camera just to see if I remembered how to use it. I came found this pond that had some water lilies in it< but they were quite far away. I put on my 70-300mm lens with a 1.4 TC and waited for this bee to come back and stay in one position for just a little bit of time. I had to be careful and not jerk the camera as I was shooting handheld. It took a ccouple of rapid shots but       I got the result I was looking for.


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Philly South Street Btidge

On January 6, 2011 Myself, Sue, Pat and Denise took a trial run to get to the South Street Bridge in Philly. It was a fun trip getting there. I think we hit every Traffic Light and Stop Sign that was in the city. We traveled so many back streets, that I felt like one of the “Back Street Boys”. LOL. We did get there and it was very nice with a great view of the West Side of Philly.

When we did get there I was not able to make the run up the bridge as I was not feeling well. So, all the pics taken in this entry were taken by my wife Sue. The first one is of a mural on the side of a building right where we parked. 

The next pictures are of the West Side of Philly. Starting with daylight . 

After awhile the sun was starting to go down and below is one of those shots.

The last picture is at night. I think it is a beautiful picture and Sue did a “great job” of capturing These pictures.

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A Few of Our Back Yard Pets.

For the past two years we have had a family of deer living in the woods behind our house. They come out and feed off whatever it is they like in our back yard. (Even our flowers and veggies). It is still great to have them come out and get as close as ten feet from our door. Below are some of the pictures that Sue took just the other day. These photos were taken with a Panansonic Lumix FZ35 Point and Shoot Camera. ( Which is for sale-Contact me if interested)

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Outing to a 1931 Log Cabin Church

On 12-29-2010 I left in 29 degree weather to meet up with Pat Worley and Terr Wilson. Wow! Talk about a coincidence In my previous post I we left on 12-17 and it was 17 degrees, and for the church trip we left on 12-29 and it was 29 degrees. Hey Pat, maybe they will change the dates around so that there is a month with 55 days, this way we can go out in warmer weather. 🙂 LOL.

The first picture of the interior of the church was shot in HDR.

The next image is a special effect that Pat showed me how to do. It is to have the effect of rays coming out from the center of the picture. Terry and Pat have  better representations I do.      

It was a great day and we were inside for the entire shoot. Later we went to a very inexpensive and nice chinese restaurant.  Then Pat gave me a tour of beautiful Medford Lakes and all the log cabin homes in the area.

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Visit to Forsythe Reserve

On 12-17-2010 Sue and I joined Pat Worley for a cold and blustery day of shooting pictures of snow geese At Forsythe. WE got there Early to catch the sunrise. We climbed the 2 story tower and the higher we went the colder it got. SEVENTEEN DEGREES. Most of my body was warm except where I had the finger tips cut off on my right glove so that I would be able to make adjustments on the camera. Well in about 5 minutes I couldn’t even feel my fingers tips and couldn’t feel the trigger on the camera. I did manage to get some pics of the sunrise and some of the snow geese. These pictures show the in great numbers, The next one is of them taking off and the last is of them gliding in for a landing.

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Sue and I Belong to the South Jersey Camera Club. Every month they hold a photo competition. There are some mighty fine photographers and pretty stiff competitors. I am very proud to announce that me and Sue took Ist and 3rd place in the November competition.
This photo “Under the Falls” on the right,was taken by me at Watkins Glenn and took 1st Place and the “Black Butterfly” Photo was taken by Sue and took 3rd Place.

It sure was a great feeling to have won these awards.

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Hello—I am Back

It has been awhile since my last post. I am going to try to catch up with this post. One of the places that we have recently visited was a Civil War Re-enactment in Cape May. It was nice to see the great lengths people went to try to duplicate life during that time. We walked around for a while and then they started to have a battle. Guns were blazing and canons roaring and a victory was won by the Union Soldiers.

This picture to the right was in full color. I took the background and converted it to Black and White and then blurred it while leaving the two boys in color.

I mentioned about canons roaring. Here is an example of what I am writing about. Too bad you can’t hear the sound that it made.

Then there was the firing of rifles in a victory salute.

It was beautiful day and we really enjoyed stepping back in time for a while.

Below are some places and photos that we took when we were there.

One one room log home at lemming’s Garden Cape May.

Eggs fresh and ready to be eaten.

The kitchen and bedroom area. (These pictures were shot in HDR

Here are some other photos from Lemming’s Garden

Are those his eyes. Man imagine seeing him with “Sun Glasses” on.

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