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I want to thank Lou Dallara for his inspiration. I attended a talk (seminar) he gave on Sunday about blogs and WORDPRESS. Man, I tell you this is easier then I thought it would be. Of course I have alot … Continue reading

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Text and Photo Combo Problem

I am having a problem with posting pictures and text together. The text doesn’t show when I post it AFTER  the pics. So this is a test when I put the type in first. OK…after posting with text first it worked. … Continue reading

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Eastern State Prison Friday 06-11-2010

On a beautiul day we went to Philadelphia, Pa to view the Easter State Prison. I was the first of its kind in the worold, built in 1829 and lasted until the early part of the 20th Century. Everyone there had 23 hours a day there of solitary confinement and they were not allowed to talk.

The pictures above were all taken riight out of the camera (CanonT2i) The blue sky and did have apolorizing lens and I particularly like the configuration of the skylights in the hall. The fixed up room was AL CAPONE’S room. Notice how ROUGH he had it ad compared to the other men who just had a cot style bed and a commode.

We had other opportunities to go, but didn’t think it had much to offer, however, it turned it turned out to be a very educational and enjoyable day. We are glad we went. Continue reading

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My First Photo Post

This picture was taken Sunday at the PPA open house in the pinelands of NJ. Continue reading

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Changing to my own domain name

Hopefully in a little while I will be able to have the blog known as Blog.VNSphotography. The V and the S stand for Vin and Sue and the “N” for “and”….thus vnsphotograpghy.

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Up and Running

Decided it was about time to set up a blog. First time at doing this is sort of like a big puzzel and another program to learn. I hope I can get proficient enough to get my blog to look … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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