Quick New Hampshire Trip

On a very quick unscheduled trip I made a 400 mile run up to my nephew’s camp in New Hampshire. It was an absolutely beautiful weekend BUT none of the trees were in bloom for the fall colors. I guess it was just a little early for the Fall Foliage. I did however find this very beautiful location on the trip home. Bath, New Hampshire is located very close to the Vermont border and about 100 miles from Montreal, Canada. One of the places where you say, “I wish I could live in the area”. I shot the picture of the bridge and produced it in HDR. I tried not to overdo the effect and I think it came out OK. Hope you all like it and can sit back and listen to the river flow under the bridge.

Just figured I would include a picture of a church with a fellow player this pipe organ. It really sounded great.  While there I visited this General Store. It says that it is the oldest general store in America. I was quite neat inside. The store dates back to the 1800s.

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  1. Bonnie Rovere says:

    Very nice Vince!

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