Deadly Visitor

While visiting my brother’s house I came across this little creature. I don’t really like spiders and the idea of shooting him in macro was not too appealing to me. After posting it on another website someone made a comment that it was a highly venemous spider but could not be fatal to humans. I wonder what else it would do to them. I am glad that I didn’t have the opportunity to find out. I am still alive. (Click on photo to enlarge)

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3 Responses to Deadly Visitor

  1. Jeanne says:

    You shouldn’t call a corn spider deadly. It could frighten someone. These spiders are also called writing spiders because of the squiggly white designs on their webs.

    • Joanna Patterson says:

      I have also heard them called “signature” spiders because of their bolder white designs in their lighter web.

  2. Joanna Patterson says:

    This is a great shot of the spider and I think that the red background works really well with the colors of the spider. I am really curious about what the background is.

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