Watkins Glen June 26,2010

On June 25, we went up to Endicott, NY to visit my cousin and also attend the graduation of her Grand Daughter. While there we attended a very nice BBQ on Saturday. Then on Sunday we decided to take a 1 hour trip to Watkins Glen, NY.

After searching around for a while we found the entrance to the gorge. I guess that is the Glen. Fortunately we ran into a local resident there who told us about the park and how to navigate it. There are a few ways to do the gorge. Walk “up” and “down”. (Insanity) Walk up and take the shuttle down. (1/2 insanity) OR take the Shuttle up and walk down. (Brilliant) We opted for the Brilliant route of taking the shuttle up and walking down. It cost $3 per person for the shuttle and belive  me it was the best $3 I have spent in a long time.

It sounds easy to say well you are going to be walking down. The only problem with that is there are hundreds of steep steps and plateaus spanning over about 1 1/2 miles along the gorge. Due to my physical restraints it was a questionable task for me to complete. It was one of those, once you started ten you were committed to keeping on going. Fortunate to say I completed the trip taking about 2 hours of walking easy and taking many stops to rest. Along the way there are many water falls and streams and plateaus with a real deep excursion to the bottom showing many high walls and falls. A cool thing about this trip was being able to shoot under some of the falls.

Unfortunately, the pictures that are being shown here don’t seem to be doing the beauty of the area any justice. (Run the slide show it shows the pictures better)

I would love for this to be a place to take one of if not both of the camera clubs we belong to here. It just doesn’t fit into a schedule for getting there a

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

nd back in one day. If any one wants any info just email me.

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7 Responses to Watkins Glen June 26,2010

  1. Nice shots, Vince. The Glen is unique and beautiful. I was there in ’03. They didn’t have the shuttle service when we were there so we climbed UP! and I wouldn’t (couldn’t) ever do it again. As I recall, it’s about 500′ change in elevation. Your pictures and the fact that there can be a shuttle service might get me back up there this summer as it was magnificent.

  2. stan says:

    Nice to see that you are taking brilliant pics.

  3. Linda Kamholz says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos, Vince.
    They certainly showcase the beauty of the place.
    What time of day were they shot? Are many of the falls shaded by nearby trees?

  4. Hi Vince;
    Great shots, thanks for sharing. I just got back on line.

  5. Bonnie rovere says:

    These shots are simply wonderful! This is definitely a trip I would love to take. Glad you survived!l. Lol

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