A Day In New York City

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On Friday June 18, 2010 myslelf, Sue, Doug Vernick and Lou Dallara took a journey into NYC. It was an absolutely beautiful day except for the fact that, the ever present haze that looms over NYC was there.

Our trip had a scheduled  stop at the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid.

Then over to Rockerfeller Plaza to go “On Top Of Rock”. A journey up 77 floors for fantastic views of NYC. We then were going to work our way back down to the Staten Island Ferry with a stop at the “Highline Of NYC”.

The Intrepid was great. It hosted a lot of planes and even included the Concorde. The Concorde Was a lot smaller than it had appeared the many times I had seen it flying over us when we would be out fishing. The interior was very plain and not too appealing. The cockpit was exremely small and very tight for the crew.


                                                                                                                                                             While on the Intrepid I got to see one of the aircraft I use to work on while I was attending Queens Aviation High School, in NYC. I took 4 years of aircraft maintenance as well as getting my regular college prep diploma. It was hard work but it all worked out in the end by giving me a good work ethic for the rest of my life. 





After the Intrepid we took a cab and went to go “On Top Of The Rock”. It was a very nice experience. It had 360 degree view. Unfortunately, it had the haze I had mentioned earlier in this post. I can only imagine how fantastic the photos would be from here if they were taken on an absolutely clear day.

I have taken many more pictures from the Rock, but I will have to try and work on them to try and get some of the haze out. I also have a nice long stitch to make out of 16 pictures with the hopes of getting a real nice panorama shot. 

Our next stop before heading to home was to be “The Highline”. This is a project that was started a few years ago and I only recently found out about it. It seemed like a good thing to include on this trip and I was glad we did. What they did here was to take an old elevated freight rail line and refurbish it and make it into an elevated walkway with gardens on the sides. It also has many places for people to sit and sun bathe. They left some of the old rails in place and made lounges out of wood that are on wheels and the lounges can be moved around on those wheels to put the lounges in different locations.

There were some very interesting and fun girls while we were there. They were more then willing to let us try out our modeling expertise on them.

The people that live in the Highline area are very fortunate to have such a great place to come and relax or even spend the day with family and friends. It had a very nice community feeling to it.

We then set our sights for home and the fact that we were leaving right smack in the middle of rush hour. I was really thinking we were screwed. There would be a gozzilian people riding the FREE yes that is right I forgot to mention the Staten Island Ferry is FREE, Both Ways. The traffic on the ferry and the roads wasn’t too bad and it really made for a end to a great day.

Please take a look at the Gallery Slide Show above and the gallery Below. If you want click on the photo to see it in a larger size.

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